Wingsuit Competition 2022

Registration is open! Competition window is open: 16th of Feb – 15th of May

Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm and FK Indoor Wingsuiting Club in collaboration invites international competitors to join “WS Acro Tournament” an international Indoor Wingsuit Acrobatics competition. The competition is organized as a tournament: open-ended registration of participants, competition routines allowed to be performed over an extended period of time, and submission of competition routines digitally.

Who can participate? Any Proflyer with 2way & Backfly rating at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm can participate. Intermediate category is suitable for lower skill levels. Advanced category for more skilled pilots as it requires Transition rating.

Competition location: Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm, Ranhammarsv. 16, Stockholm, Sweden

Fee and club membership: The Tournament is free of charge. All competitors will automatically and free of charge become members of the club: FK Indoor Wingsuiting Club.

Registration: Competitors are registered as teams (nationality mixing allowed) by emailing below information to no later than 15th May 2022.

Registration info: 1. team name; names, 2. contact information and nationalities of team-members; 3. competition category (Acro-intermediate or Acro-advanced)

Competition categories:

Advanced Acrobatics: 4 compulsory routines consisting of 3 figures from Divepool (excluding Fruity loops). Working time depends on GlideRatio: examples 60sec at GR 1.6, 76sec at GR 2.2

Intermediate Acrobatics: 4 compulsory routines with 2 figures in each. 2 routines with belly-fly figures. 2 routines with back-fly figures. No transitions. Working time: 60sec

Links to Invitation, Rules and Dive-pool: Invitation letter, Competition Rules, FAI Dive-pool, Animated dive-pool

Submission of performance videos: Competitors need to email performance videos for scoring to before 20th of May 2022. Multiple & partial submissions are allowed. FAI judges will score last submission for producing final score. A submission must include: Team name, Date of flight and Glide Ratio.

Final results and Awards ceremony: Winners of each discipline will be appointed based on total Program score, the sum of all routine scores, as scored by FAI-approved judges. This means the final score may change compared to preliminary scoring.The final score and appointment of winners will be presented the 10th of June 2021 on this webpage.

Questions and additional information:

For questions and additional information contact

Welcome to the WS Acro Tournament 2022 !

// Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm  & FK Indoor Wingsuiting Club


Acro Advanced


Acro Intermediate

1.Team Dirty Docks
Adam Moyer – US
Kody Kosloski – US
2.Team Cacolac Pamiers
Nicolas Minivielle, FRA
Boris Paturet, FRA