Big Suit

Want to fly with your Big Suit (Strix, Freak or similar) in the tunnel? With us you can learn the basics, improve your skills, or train acro in a team!

We’re thrilled to offer flying at higher glide ratios (GR). Taking our Variable Angle System into use, it’s now possible to fly at GR’s up to 2.0. This opens up our tunnel to flying bigger wingsuits, up to size of Freak/Strix/Barracuda Power+ (see Training page, ”Suitability Matrix”, for suit ranges).

At GR’s 1.8–2.0, you can fly your big suit in the tunnel, and start working on the acro moves you’ve learned earlier (at lower GR, wearing smaller suit). Our experience is that new skills are best to learn using intermediate suite at regular angle, for faster progression. Then translate into Big Suit, and practice to perfect.

Before being eligible for big suit flying, we ask you to …

  … be a certified free flyer, with sufficient belly andbackfly skills at our standard GR (1.6) …

… have started training transitions …

… do our special big suit preparatory training* (10–20min) at GR 1.6 and 2.0.

bring a suitable private suit (or check out the ”Suitability Matrix” or contact us with your suit related questions).

All flying with a Big Suit has to be assisted by a Big Suit certified in-house Flight Master; coaching fee is added to all big suit flying time.

High GR flying sessions are offered at certain dates only.
Check out our calendar to see when we arrange our High GR Camps. Of course, we’ll try to fix high GR sessions for you if you’re a group – just contact us.

* During the preparatory training, we focus on flying, landing and ground handling techniques specifically adapted to suits with more surface and higher pressure.

– – –

From Zero to Big Suit Hero

If you visit us for the first time, with the specific goal to fly your big suit, it’s not easy to predict how much time you’ll have to spend with an intermediate suit at GR 1.6 before you get the go. Here’s the progress:

1. Fly wearing a harness, connected to our safety system.

2. Fly connected to a Flight Line, ”belly leash”.

3. Certified for free flight!

4. Skill progression training up until the point when you have started practicing transitions.

5. Do the preparatory Big Suit training and suit check-in.

6. Certified to fly your big suit!

Of course we can’t give any guarantees, but from our experience we suggest that with booking at least 150 min of flying, spread out over three–four days you’ll be able to fly your personal big suit. We do arrange special Zero-to-Hero-Big-Suit camps; check out our calendar or ask us to find suitable dates.