Proflyers: Sign up for WING GAMES 2021 · 20 Feb–29 May · All nationalities can participate!

Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm invites competitors to join Wing Games 2021,
an international indoor wingsuit championship.
The competition is organized in a way to meet the present covid-19 restrictions:

Open ended registration of participants

Competition routines allowed to be performed
over an extended period of time

Submission of competition routines digitally

Digital price and award ceremony

Participants will get Swedish entry admission

No competition fee

COMPETITION FORMAT AND RULES, REGISTRATION, MORE INFO: https://indoorwingsuit.com/winggames2021/

Covid-19 policy at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm · Swedish covid-19-test rules

Covid-19 policy at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm · Swedish covid-19 test rules

Welcome to Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm!
We do our best to avoid contributing to the spread of covid-19,
and we expect you to do the same.

We expect you to …

      • have been fully healthy the last four days; no corona or cold symptoms like sore throat, running nose, cough, headache or muscle pain,
      • not have been close to anyone with stated or suspected covid-19 infection during last seven days,
      • keep distance to other people during your visit at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm,
      • wash you hands often and thoroughly, and use hand disinfection,
      • respect our rule about a maximum of eight people in one room at the same time.

You can expect the same from us, and also that we …

      • see to that gear that you borrow is clean (f. i. helmets are disinfected in an ozone chamber after each use),
      • work very hard with keeping the facilities clean, including scheduled disinfection of critical surfaces.

Deal? Let’s fly!

/ Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm Team

· · ·

Covid-19 test is required for entry into Sweden

The main rule is that foreigners who are allowed to enter must present a valid certificate of negative covid-19 test for entry into Sweden.

The test answer must not be older than 48 hours. The test result must prove that the traveler does not have an ongoing covid-19 infection, this can according to the Public Health Agency be done with a negative PCR, LAMP or antigen test. The certificate must be in Swedish, English, Norwegian or Danish and contain the following:

      • Your name,
      • time of sampling,
      • type of test (PCR, LAMP or antigen),
      • test result, who issued the certificate.

Antibody testing is not approved. There are also some exceptions to the requirement for a negative test result.

Note! The test must be taken before departure, it is not possible to be tested on the border with Sweden on arrival.

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