Practice and perfect your performance flying skills in the tunnel!

We’re thrilled to offer flying at higher glide ratios (GR’s). Taking our Variable Angle System into use, it’s now possible to fly at GR’s up to 2.0. This opens up our tunnel to performance oriented training with intermediate wingsuits or one-piece tracking suits.

With us you can perfect your wingsuit performance flying techniques related to ”distance” and ”time” disciplines using high GR and an intermediate suit.

Flying in the tunnel, with the surrounding walls, floor and ceiling as references, lets you fine tune your performance flying techniques – together with our skilled coaches or on your own. Of course, you’ll wanna fly your performance big suit. However, best performance training here with us is to practice with an intermediate suit at a high GR, so you really have to perfect your performance skills. This will force you to use an effective body position during flying and lets you explore your range. Fun, challenging and quite demanding. Perfecting your technique this way will be beneficial to your outdoor performance flying and overall body awareness.