2022 Indoor Wingsuit Pilot Championships

When? Competition period 11th June to 11th September 2022

Where? Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm, Sweden

What? Indoor Wingsuit Piloting Championships

Disciplines: Acrobatics (team), Artistic Aerobatics (team), Glide-time Performance (solo), Accurate Agility (solo)

Final results & Awards: Overall indoor WS pilot champion and for each discipline, to be published 30th September. Preliminary results published on this webpage during competition period.

Party: On several occasions during comp period

Registration deadline: is 11th September.

Detailed info (download here)

Registration: Register by emailing to competition@inclined.se : Name(s) and team name, competition disciplines.

Registration fee of 500 SEK per individual (additional fee per competition discipline) is to be paid on-site at arrival.

Participation requires that pilot(s) have appropriate rating for flying in the tunnel.

Description of competition disciplines:


A team of two pilots perform 4 rounds of compulsory acrobatic routines within a stated working time. Highest score (number of approved docks) wins.

Discipline fee (tunnel-time 4x2min): 960 SEK per team


Artistic Aerobatics:

A team of two pilots performs 2 rounds of a freestyle routine, using a combination of existing graded moves and free moves. Judges score program based on artistic perfromance, grade of execution and technical difficulty of moves.

Discipline fee: 480 SEK per team


Glide-time Performance (solo):

Pilots fly solo and compete in aerodynamic performance skill.

Pilots fly solo and compete in aerodynamic performance skills in terms of flying at lowest vertical velocity. The competition comprises three 60sec runs each with multiple attempts on pre-selected levels. Levels start from a low difficulty, with high vertical speed, and gradually change.The pilot performing the lowest normalized vertical velocity wins, i.e. the highest glide-time.

Discipline fee: 360 SEK per individual


Accurate Agility (solo):

Pilots fly solo and compete in agility/precision.

The competition is focused on accuracy and agility and is performed as a solo-flight. The competition consist of two rounds of 60sec. A competition track, with “stations” placed in different locations in the tunnel, is to be flown in a preset order. At each station, a push button must be accurately pressed switching a lamp to get a score. The pilot showing the highest total score wins.

Discipline fee: 360 SEK per individual


Detailed competition rules for all disciplines: Download here


WingGames 2021 Teams


MaMa Wingsuit

Max Diebold · France

Matthieu Brossard · France


Team OneCall

Espen Fadnes · Norway

Amber Forte · Norway


Venom Wingsuit

Patrick Kramer · Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm/Germany

Arvid Endler · Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm/Germany


Fire Fly

Johan Hallencreutz · Sweden

Daniel Hedblad · Sweden


Purple Pain

Martin Hovmöller · Sweden

Maja Vesterberg · Sweden


Team Pauline & Paul

Pauline Ravaudet · France

Paul-Alexis Roussel · France


Team Blueskeyes

Audrey Duperret · France

Guillaume Hochard · France