WingGames 2021 – Indoor Wingsuit Piloting Championships

The competition

@ Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm windtunnel

Advanced  and Intermediate competition programmes.

4 compulsory routines with 3 manouvers in each and 1 free routine for advanced

Advanced programme, working time 90 s:

  1. Compulsory Routine 1: A C L
  2. Compulsory Routine 2: H B F
  3. Compulsory Routine 3: G K J
  4. Compulsory Routine 4: M I D
  5. Routine 5: Free routine

Intermediate programme, working time 90 s:

  1. Compulsory Routine 1: L A C
  2. Compulsory Routine 2: L C G
  3. Compulsory Routine 3 (backfly): Ab Gb Lb
  4. Compulsory Routine 4 (backfly): Cb Lb Gb


5 FAI judges scoring the competition videos: Zeljko Tanaskovic, Mike Pennock, Bert Ham, Ulla Maersk, Bernard Nicolas, Yves Letourneur

The Teams


MaMa Wingsuit

Max Diebold · France

Matthieu Brossard · France


Team OneCall

Espen Fadnes · Norway

Amber Forte · Norway


Venom Wingsuit

Patrick Kramer · Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm/Germany

Arvid Endler · Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm/Germany


Fire Fly

Johan Hallencreutz · Sweden

Daniel Hedblad · Sweden


Purple Pain

Martin Hovmöller · Sweden

Maja Vesterberg · Sweden


Team Pauline & Paul

Pauline Ravaudet · France

Paul-Alexis Roussel · France


Team Blueskeyes

Audrey Duperret · France

Guillaume Hochard · France

We have a winner!

Awards to category: ADVANCED

Podium 1st place: Team Venom Wingsuit
Winners of Gold Medals + 60 min Flight time. Congratulations!

Podium 2nd place: Team MaMa Wingsuit
Winners of Silver Medals + 30 min Flight Time.

Podium 3rd place: Team OneCall
Winners of Bronze Medals + 15 min Flight Time.

4th place: Team FireFly
Awarded with 10 min Flight Time.

5th place: Team Purple Pain
Awarded with 10 min Flight Time.


Awards to category: INTERMEDIATE

Podium 1st place: Team Blueskyes
Winners of 30 min Flight time

Podium 2nd place: Team Paul & Pauline
Winners of 15 min of Flight Time.


All competitors will also be awarded with a competition T-shirt to be collected at next visit to us after summer.



Video material

Video material from competition is published “unlisted” on our channel on YouTube. You can access playlist for each team showing all competition rounds from below by clicking on team name. (Tip: If you do CTRL+Click, video opens in new browser tab and you keep this content.)

Advanced category:

Intermediate category:


WingGames 2022 – Join us next year!

Join us next year in Stockholm for WingGames 2022, bigger, better, more fun. Stay tuned here on our webb or our social media channels for info about it!