General terms and conditions
Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm

1. General
Inclined Labs AB, 556036-4765, (Supplier), provides the experience ”Indoor Wingsuit”, which means that people can fly inside an inclined wind tunnel section with no other means than a wingsuit. The buyer of the experience is called Customer in the general terms and conditions. If there are any uncertainties regarding these terms and conditions, Customer is asked to contact Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm for more information.

2. Limits and restrictions
At applicable limits and restrictions are described for the experience of Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm. The Supplier wants to draw the attention to Customer that the stated duration of the flight is an estimate.

3. Insurance
All Customers of the Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm experience will be insured against potential injuries that may arise in connection to the experience.

4. Vouchers
Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm sells voucher for the experience. The purchase of vouchers is booked through the booking system available at The possibility to book a time slot will be available in advance of the opening of the facility.

The vouchers are valid for twelve months from the date of purchase and the Customer must book a time before the voucher expires. If a Customer has not booked a time before the expiration of the voucher, it is considered used and not refundable.

5. Bookings
A booked time is binding. For a private individual, cancellation and rebooking of the time can be done, but no later than ten days before the booked time slot.

A doctor’s certificate is accepted for a rebooking if a Customer has fallen ill or been injured.

For corporate customers and groups of individuals of more than eight people, rebooking and cancellation must be done at least 15 days prior to the scheduled time of flight. Customer does not have the right to a refund if the cancellation takes place later.

For rebooking of corporate customers and groups of individuals of more than eight people there is an administrative fee of 10% of the total amount.

6. Right to withdraw
If Customer who is a private individual, wants to withdraw from the purchase that has taken place through Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm and the experience has yet not been booked, the Customer has the right to do so within fourteen business days from the date of the purchase. If the purchase has been made through one of Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm’s authorized resellers, the Customer must turn to the reseller for withdrawal of the purchase.

For corporate customers and larger groups the cancellation policies under point 6 apply.

7. Stolen or lost voucher
In the event of a stolen or lost voucher, the Customer is asked to contact the Supplier immediately. The customer receives a new voucher if the Customer can corroborate the purchase. An additional administrative fee of 200 SEK will be charged in such an event.

8. Specific offerings
Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm will from time to time market time limited offerings. For these time-limited offerings separate terms and conditions apply, which are described at the time of each time-limited offering.

9. Purchase confirmation
Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm confirms purchases via email to the Customer.

10. Claims and responsibility
Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm is responsible towards the Customer in the manner described by these General terms and conditions. Any claim or complaint should be sent to

11. Act of God
Supplier is further relieved from responsibility towards Customer if Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm is prevented to fullfil its obligations because of circumstances outside of Suppliers control or ability, which Supplier reasonably could not have been expected to anticipate, and the consequences of which Supplier nor could have reasonably avoided or overcome, or if Supplier is prevented to fullfil its obligations because of circumstances that are related to a third party, or because of natural disaster, stroke of lightning, discontinuation of electricity supply, labor dispute, war or other disturbance, fire, new or changed legislation or authority directive, malfunction of external telecommunication or similar circumstances.

12. Changes
Indoor Winguit Stockholm is entitled to, without prior notice, for internal reasons, or because of authorities’ requirements, change these General terms and conditions.  The changes become effective as soon as they are made available at Customer is asked to stay updated  with the contents of the General terms and conditions.

13. Personal data
In connection to the Customer’s order, the Customer consents to Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm’s storage and usage of the Customer’s personal data to fulfill the agreement with the customer, and to receive newsletter and offers. According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Customer has the right to receive the information, which Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm has registered about the Customer. Customer has the right to demand to correct or remove erroneous, incomplete or irrelevant information. In that case contact

Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm will only send information to a third party if it is required by law, directive or other act from authorities.

14. Payment card information
Card information is stored per the rules of the payment card companies.

15. Cookies
A prerequisite to use the site of Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm is that the Customer accepts the usage of session cookies. If the Customer does not accept the usage of cookies, the Customer can change the settings of the web browser to deny the usage of cookies. The Supplier wants to notify the Customer that denying the usage of cookies, can limit or certain functions or make them unavailable.

16. Protected information
To prevent access to unauthorized access to protected information, ensure the integrity of the information and to guarantee a correct usage of the information, Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm, has, together with a third party implemented physical, electronic and administrative security routines to protect information gathered online. The information is protected according to established security routines and standards.