To fly wingsuit

Those who fly wingsuit outdoors sit in an aircraft that takes them up to a few kilometers in height. And then there are those who are even more extreme and instead jump off cliffs – BASE jumping. In both cases, they fly their wingsuits until it’s time to release the parachute to land.

With us you get the same feeling, but without the risks that outdoor flying entails.

At Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm you can do what humans always dreamed of – fly like a bird.

In our world-unique wind tunnel, everyone – old and young – can fly the wingsuit themselves at the first attempt. However, you must be at least 7 years old and at least 120 cm long to fly with us. We also have a maximum weight of 120 kg.


You fly freely in the air – up/down, side to side and forward/backward. Our unique safety system makes flying easy and safe.

Everyone begins flying using the safety system, first time flyers or pro’s. However, those who return to Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm and learn to control their flight technology can fly without the safety system after certification.

A good choice for your first visit to Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm is a Try-to-fly package. There you get to experience the flight with the help of our instructors – everyone of our instructors belongs to the elite and is one of the world’s best wingsuit pilots.

First you get a proper review. Then you have two flying sessions with a total time in the air of three minutes – the equivalent of two jumps from an aircraft at four km altitude – inside our inclined wind tunnel.

The whole experience takes about an hour and a half. Your instructor is with you all the way – inside and outside the flight chamber.