Frequently asked questions

You, probably. You need to be at least seven years old and 130 cm tall. Of course you have to be in a generally good shape and it is important that you do not have shoulder problems (so it does not easily get dislocated). And you are of course not under the influence of alcohol.

Doing a first flight, you’ll probably fly at 90–120 km/h. When you are standing in the tunnel, it’s in other words not worse than being outside in  storm.

Proflyers often fly at higher speed; up to 180 km/h.

You fly freely, but are secured with an intrinsic safety system that prevents you from hitting the ceiling, walls or floor. Furthermore, it helps you keep your balance.


Most people who buy a First Flight Pac with three minutes of productive time in the wind tunnel can fly on their own. If you’re not, the instructor will help you to take off.


No. Everybody must use the safety system in the beginning. Not until our staff gives you permission, you can become certified for flights without safety system.

It is of course different from person to person. Anyone with experience from skydiving or outdoor wingsuit flying is often ready to skip the safety system after approximately 30 minutes of total flying time in the wind tunnel. But certification is a prerequisite before we disengage you from the safety system.