Big suit flying

Want to fly with your Big Suit (Rafaele, Freak, Mako or similar) in the tunnel?

With us you can learn the basics, improve your skills, or train acro in a team!

We’re thrilled to offer flying at higher glide ratios (GR). Taking our Variable Angle System into use, it’s now possible to fly at GR’s up to 2.7. This opens up our tunnel to flying bigger wingsuits. You can find details on the range of suits that we allow in the tunnel by clicking this.

Thanks to our upgraded Variable Angle System, we’re now able to offer alternate GR’s most days if you plan it together with us some time ahead of your visit.

What are the requirements to fly Big Suit in our tunnel?

  • Train your skills with normal intermediate training suit to a level where you have started training transitions (all this done at GR 1.6). See the training program for more info.
  • Conduct our ”Big Suit preparatory training” (10min with coaching) at GR 1.6 and 2.0. This training focuses on flying, landing and ground handling techniques specifically adapted to suits with more surface and higher pressure.
  • Finally, you need to bring your private wingsuit (check out the ”Suitability Matrix” or contact us with your suit related questions).
  • In your first BigSuit sessions we require coaching. Once skills are there you can fly on your own or with a friend.