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WS Acro Tournament: 20 Jan–31 May

International Indoor Wingsuit Acrobatics Tournament 2023.

  • Register team anytime in competition window.
  • Intermediate and advanced classes.
  • Train your compulsory routines and select your best performances.
  • Submit your competition routine video digitally by 31st May.
  • Preliminary scoreboard online.
  • Final results 20 June on web.

Wingsuit Demo Weeks: See, try, Fly!

In collaboration with wingsuit manufacturers we are happy to announce Demo Weeks at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm.

  • Visit to us in Stockholm these dates and you can check out the latest wingsuits from visiting manufacturer. 
  • Testfly latest suits in the tunnel.
  • Chat with representatives from manufacturer.
  • Intrudair Week in March, Squirrel Week in May and Phoenix-Fly Week in June.

1–9 March

8–17 May

Extended to 31May


Note: Dates may be subject to change depending on manufacturer demo suit availability. If you wanna make sure, ask us by email: support@indoorwingsuit.com

Group events

We host themed group training events here in Stockholm. In addition to our evergoing training here, these events offer opportunity of special focus training or networking and fun social events. If you’re interested to join any of the group events below, or if you have questions, contact us at support@indoorwingsuit.com

  • Organizer: Chris Judd
  • 28/3-2/4
  • Beginners & Pro
  • Almost fully booked
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  • Organizer: Paul-Alexis Roussel
  • 7–13 April
  • Beginners & Pros
  • Fully booked
  • Organizer: Pilvi Juvonen
  • 13-16 april
  • Beginners camp
  • Organizer: Flavien Mazzon
  • 3–9 May and/or 9–14 May
  • Beginners & Pros
  • Combined WS skill training, indoors and outdoors
  • Orgainized by Indoor Wingsuit Flight Masters
  • Prel dates: new dates to be announced
  • Email your interest to support@indoorwingsuit.com
  • BigWay Boogie at Skydive Stockholm.
  • Combined WS skill training indoors and outdoors
  • Load organizers: to be announced
  • August dates: to be announced
  • Email your interest to support@indoorwingsuit.com


International Indoor Wingsuit Acrobatics tournament 2023.

  • Register team anytime 20 January–20 May
  • Intermediate or advanced
  • Train your compulsory routines and select your best performances
  • Submit your competition routine video digitally by 20 May
  • Preliminary scoreboard online
  • Final results 20 June on web
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International Indoor Wingsuit Championship.

  • Multiple disciplines: Team and Solo
  • Registration opens August
  • Competition weekend in November, dates T.B.A.
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