Training program

We offer a complete training program for wingsuit and tracking suit pilots, taking your flight skills from current level (zero or pro) to a level as high as you like.

If you’ve not been to us and wanna know a bit more about how to bok and what to expect, check out the information on the page Booking and Flying with us.

Training new skills is done with our licensed instructors, as coached flying. Once instructor approves your rating you are free to fly and practice on your own or together with a friend.

The training program is based on multiple skill levels/ratings that you progress through step-by-step:

  1. Start-Up training for tunnel
  2. Solo flyer (belly)
  3. Two-way belly flyer
  4. Backflyer
  5. Transition flyer
  6. Advanced categories: Acro, Tracksuit, BigSuit.

For more details on each training item, browse the Training menu and select the item of interest.

Start-Up training

Belly-fly training

Back-fly training

Transition training

Big-Suit training

Advanced Acro training


We offer all the equipment you need for your training free of charge. Safety is important to us. We have the following requirements for equipment use for Proflyer training:

  • Wingsuit.

See separate section about wingsuits. We offer suitable intermediate suit free of charge. Once you reach skill level Solo Flyer you are allowed to use own intermediate suit after approval by instructor and after doing a suit check-in session with instructor.

  • Helmets.

We offer helmets free of charge. We only allow use of Full-face Impact Rated helmets for Proflyer-training. Presently we use Tonfly TFX.. If you wanna bring your own make sure it is a full face helmet and that it is rated according to “Skydiving and Wind Tunnel Helmet Standard AFNOR XP S 72-600”. Cookie G4 is among rated helmets.

  • Back-protector. 

We offer this free of charge. We require use of back-protector for Proflyer-training. If you wanna bring your own back-protector, make sure it is rated according to European Standard EN 1621-2:2003, Level 1 or 2.

  • Gloves

This is recommended but not required. Bring your own or buy here. We have limited supply for you to borrow.


Wingsuit/tracking suit – what do I fly?

During the Start-Up, we supply you with a wingsuit: a PF Havok Carve, specially fitted for use with our safety system.

When you have passed the exam and are a Certified Indoor Wingsuit Pilot, you may choose to continue using our regular wingsuit or check-in your private intermediate sized suit. Ask us if you have any questions.

For training in the advanced categories: Acro, Performance, Tracking Suit or Big Suit, we have a limited set of suits to supply; you should bring your private suit.

We have tested most suits available on the market and sorted them according to suitability and recommended glide ratio in the tunnel. The results are summarized in the Suitability Matrix.