Our Instructors – top class coaching

Experience top class coaching with our instructors.

Our instructors are available every day to make the most out of your training, from first minute in the Start-Up course to advanced training activities in Acro, Performance, Tracking Suit or Big Suit programs. At Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm, we’ve got a never ending skill camp going on, every day of the year our instructors train visiting wingsuit pilots, adapting the training to your needs…from absolute beginners to world champion pilots.

Coaching is included in our Training Pacs. For other bookings make sure to select Coached Flying when you buy/book to enjoy their coaching one-on-one, maximizing your progression.

Coaching is required for training to new ratings, as described in the section Training Program.

Present Instructors:

Patrick Kramer (Chief Instructor), languages: English and German

Arvid Endler (Flight Master), languages: English and German

Alex Knaub (Flight Master), languages: English

Philippe Boisjoli (Flight Master), languages: English and French

Flavien Mazzon (Flight Master), languages: English and French

Paul Penichout (Flight Master), languages: English and French

Tomic Kluzniak (Flight Master), languages: English and Polish

Pilvi Juvonen (Flight Master), languages: English and Finnish


Freelance coaches
We also work with associated and licensed freelance coaches. They have passed examination trained in our instructor education and offer part of our training programs.