Wingsuit acrobatics can be efficiently trained with us in the tunnel. Usually this means piloting an intermediate or small wingsuit at glide ratios (GR) 1.6–1.8 (advanced), but can also be trained with Big Suit at GR 2.0.

We’ve been offering this form of training since we opened back in 2017, so the format/exercises are well developed, and our instructors are highly skilled.

All existing competition moves from the compulsary routine of FAI Acrobatics divepool can be efficiently praticed and mastered with us, except for one: fruity loops (front flips). This means you can train and master all the moves listed below.

Divepool moves suitable to train in the tunnel:

• Up and over
• Rock’n’roll
• Revolutions
• Roll over
• Duck and roll
• Déjà vu
• Ying yang
• Back to back
• Pancakes
• Reverse pancakes

We annually host several competitions on the topic; open international events as well as FAI approved national comps.

Check out our Event calender or Facebook page to stay tuned.