An unforgettable experience at the bachelorette party or bachelor party

Let the bride to be/groom take part in something extra special on the bachelorette party/bachelor party: fly wingsuit in our unique inclined wind tunnel. Of course, the experience will be even more fun if the rest of the crew also will be flying.

Not only can you fly, you can also borrow our lounge, and hang out and laugh together before and after the flight.

NOTE! Alcohol intake before flight is strictly prohibited. But when the flight is completed, it is free to celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine or other beverages.

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The lounge

In our lounge you can socialize before and/or after the flight. The room can accommodate up to 20 people and is equipped with a large screen TV and kitchenette with Espresso machine. If you wish, we can help you deliver food and beverages.

The Flight Deck, here we fly

On the 3rd floor, which we like to call the Flight Deck, you will prepare for your flight. Soon you will fly! Fly in a wind speed of 130 km/h, with your own wings..

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Spectators Area

Just seeing people fly freely is fascinating. It’s just as fun to see your friends fly for the first time as watching proflyers do advanced acrobatics in the air.