A party and family experience in Stockholm

Are you planning for a big party where you want the party participants to experience something different and cool? Or if you and your family want to experience something unusual and different together? Then flying wingsuit with us in Bromma is something for you.

Surprise all party guests or family members with a breathtaking experience. Fly on your own wings in a wind between 100-130 km/h. Safe and easy!

We help you put together a package full of wind! Completely adapted to your wishes and number of participants. In our lounge you get the opportunity to socialize and laugh together while one of the others are flying in the wind tunnel.

Of course, you who do not fly can join and watch the person flying at a close range in our spectators area.

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The lounge

In our lounge you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, hang out, laugh and have fun together.

The Flight Deck

On the 3rd floor, The Flight Deck, you prepare for flight. You’ll put on the Wingsuit and then fly on your own wings in a wind of up to 130 km/h.

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Spectators area

On the 2nd floor you can stand, and with good visibility from a sideview look at those who are in the wind tunnel and flying.