Who can fly wingsuit?

Almost everyone can fly wingsuit and in our unique inclined wind tunnel. You need to be at least 7 years old and at least 120 cm long. The upper weight limit is 120 kg. In addition you should not have any serious problems with for example shoulders, neck or back which would make it inappropriate to fly wingsuit. Nor should you have a pace maker or be pregnant.

Fly for real with your own wings, here is how:

We’ll start by going through simple flight techniques, a little about how a wingsuit works and teach you some simple signs that we use inside the flight chamber. Then it’s time to put on a wingsuit and helmet and… FLY! We adjust the wind speed in the flight chamber according to your height, weight and technique. Expect to be allowed to fly at 90-130 km / h.

After the flight, your instructor will have a little debriefing with you – unwind and get some tips and tricks – for the next time you visit us. Because we hope and believe you’ll do so.


Flying a wingsuit in a wind tunnel is a fantastic experience. And world-unique; Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm is the first and only inclined wind tunnel in the world.

With us you experience the same feeling of a flight that those who jump from aircraft or cliffs get. But with us it is completely risk-free.

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