Learn how to fly wingsuit and become a certified wingsuit pilot

Wanting to fly without our security harness? Then you need to complete our basic course, and be certified by our staff.

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Anyone who trains further, under the guidance of our instructors, has the opportunity to a certified wingsuit pilot. It’s our staff who decide when you are ready; First, you must have shown that you have full control and good technique, and can control your flight both vertically and horizontal so that you don’t risk hitting the walls, ceiling or floor of the wind tunnel.

Anyone who has previously been engaged in wingsuit flying outdoors, or is a used parachutist, is usually able to become certified after 20-40 minutes of total flight time with our own developed security harness.

After certification, you are allowed to fly without a security harness, and without having an instructor with you in the wind tunnel. Soon you will also be allowed to fly with other certified guests. Then you can share the tunnel time.