In 2012, the aeronautical enthusiasts Peter Georén and Anton Westman got wind of LT1. The first thought was to reconstruct the wind tunnel making it blow upwards and to create the first vertical wind tunnel in Sweden, where you could simulate jumping with a parachute. This did not take place however. But the idea that LT1 could be used to create something extraordinary lived on. In spring 2015, Westman presented a wild thought that had been carved out during the winter: would it be possible to fly for real – forward against the air current – instead of falling as in a vertical tunnel? If so they would be the first in the world.

Peter Georén and Johan Strömberg took part in the idea, and immediately committed themselves to bring it to life. Georén’s approach to answering the question by asking the most powerful and sophisticated computer simulation programs existing did not give a clear direction. There were simply no relevant data algorithms available. The only way to move forward was to take control over LT1 and reconstruct; probe for answers. No sooner said than done. In the beginning of 2016, they equipped LT1 with an inclined tunnel section, and started to experiment with controlling the air currents. A few months later the success was a matter of fact: Georén was the first human to fly with a wing suit in an inclined wind tunnel, and soon thereafter Westman was the first to fly completely freely without a safety system.


During hundreds of further tests the technology was enhanced, and in parallel the security system as developed allowing virtually anyone – children, adults, as well as elderly – to fly in the wind tunnel without the risk of hitting its ceiling, walls or floor. International patents have been filed for the dynamically inclined tunnel itself as well as the safety system and the innovations controlling the air currents.


In the fall of 2016, Jonas Tholin joined the core team working with developing the concept into an experience that anyone can take part in, at Indoor Wingsuit Flying® Stockholm – LT1. The building is reconstructed to welcome visitors to a unique experience: one becomes the first in the world to let man fly freely – indoors and safely. The flight itself will take place in a spectacular glass pipe.


So. How cool is this? Well, the reactions from the test pilots – from complete beginners to skilled skydivers, people who have tried vertical wind tunnels and those who have flown with wing suits outside (jumping from a plane or e.g. rocks) are so rave that we refrain from trying to describe them. Instead we simply say: you can fly. Come and fly.

In September 2017, Indoor Wingsuit Flying® Stockholm opens – LT1. Thereby changing the future for aeronautic sports. The borders for what we thought was possible have been moved. Past conceptions are revised.

You can fly.

Come and fly.