Summer packages

Fly in the tunnel in the morning and jump at Skydive Stockholm in the afternoon?

During the summer season, Indoor Wingsuit™ Stockholm and Skydive Stockholm (Gryttjom) offer a fantastic opportunity to combine wingsuit tunnel flying and wingsuit skydiving.

You can even do both the same day. And sometimes, it’ll be possible to have a Flight Master from the tunnel coaching you in the sky, too. For you who want to visit us this summer, and also skydive, we’ve put together ”’23 In’N’Out Pacs”, that let you buy combinations of tunnel time, coaching and jump tickets at special prices. The pacs are available in three sizes, and can be purchased in our webshop from now up until 15 July 2023.  (The jump tickets are valid the whole 2023 season.)

Skydive Stockholm, with its amazing Twin Otter, has become our home DZ, and more and more WS pilots are discovering what a great place it is. At the DZ you’ve got access to free accommodation options, generous jumping hours, sauna with forest scenery, camp fires and a lot of awesome people. Visiting Skydive Stockholm is a must visit for any skydiver. It was also here the Vector Festival had a great success last year.

So, buy the In’N’Out Pac of your choice and start planning for some super fun days in Stockholm, where the combination of tunnel flying and skydiving will give your WS skills a boost.

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