Prices & Packages

Hourly price is: 7,350 SEK. Coaching fee: 1,200 SEK/h.

Returning customer: You can buy a package from below or from My Proflyer Account (requires login). From there you can also book sessions online.

New customers: We offer Training Pacs as described below. The minimum package is 30 minutes with coach, taking you through the ”Start-up” stage of the training, after which you are allowed to fly solo on belly without coach, and enables your further training with coach.


To be able to book slots, you need to have time on your account. The pacs below include different amounts of flying time, so that you can buy one corresponding to your ambition and length of stay. They all include coaching.

We recommend 30–45 min of flying per day at your first visit. If you’re fit and/or have experience from skydiving or vertical tunnel, it’s possible to do a little bit more. Below is a typical agenda for a traveling customer.

Start-Up training

Day 1: 20–40 min

Basic belly flying skills

Day 2–3: 30–45 min/day

Basic back flying skills

Day 2–3: 30–45 min/day

Advanced skills:
Acrobatics, Big Suit, Performance or Tracking Suit

Day 3–5: 30–60 min/day

A typical FIRST VISIT when traveling to us

Day 1 (30–45 min with coaching): Your first visit at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm starts with our ”Start-Up” training program. Together with one our of Flight Masters (coach) you will be given a fast start and basic training. It is the necessary foundation for continued training and contains both briefings (safety and how-to) and flight training, starting in our Assist system and finishing in you qualifying as a Certified Indoor Wingsuit pilot, capable, safe and approved of solo belly flying in the tunnel. Flight time needed is usually 30–40 minutes, done as 10 minutes sessions with 4 flights of 2,5 minutes.

Here’s a short video giving you an overview of the “Start-Úp training”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9r9MQxswB0

Some customers continue already day one into ”Basic skill progression”, and fly more than 30 minutes. More then 60 minutes day one is difficult to manage.

Day 2–3 (30–45 min/day with coaching): ”Basic Skill training” is next step. This means flying together with one of our Flight Masters training the basic skill sets: 2-way belly and back flying with various skill improving exercises. Here you may choose to use your own intermediate suit of preference. During this phase guests typically spend 30–90 minutes flight time depending on rate of progression.

Day 3–5 (30–45 min/day):

”Advanced training” follows, coaching towards your area of interest. Within Acrobatics training of transitions and advanced 2/3-way flying is popular. Big Suit and Tracking Suit training are also common. We use our Adjustable Angle capability to offer good training conditions here (Glide Ratio 1.5–2.0). You fly coached by one of our Flight Masters. 

Some customers prefer to fly together with friends as 2/3-ways and share sessions. This can be done after the ”Basic Skill training”, typically day 3–5. Perhaps your choice is a mix of coached flying and shared time with a friend?

What size package to choose?

What is your ambition? How long do you plan to stay? Wanna go ”all-in” or just ”try a little”? It’s up to you. If you feel uncertain, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Once you’ve bought a pac, we’ll contact you and help you with the bookings; fix a nice and efficient schedule for your visit.

SELECT YOUR PACKAGE (including coaching) HERE: